Friday, June 6, 2008

Howard County Relay for Life at the Nashville City Park

The fundraiser for the Cancer Society - the Relay for Life was held tonight at the Nashville City Park. The park is such a great place for gatherings like this. Shade trees and a lot of room make it a great venue.

They had spread the group out and moved the stage to the other side of the walking trail so it was hard to judge the crowd based on past years (at least for me). However, the crowd looked really good, everyone was having a good time and there was soooo much good food available.

I had some homemade ice cream from the Nashville Junior Auxiliary and some watermelon from the ladies from Clow. That on top of the banquet food from the Center has me way too full.

My Dad, Herschell, died of lung cancer 4 years ago. I don't like cancer.

Many hours of preparation have gone into this and the volunteers have been raising money for months. I appreciate their efforts.

I am on my way back to the Relay for Life, I just stopped by the office to update the "blog".

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