Monday, December 10, 2007

Lockesburg Community Choir's "Christmas is Jesus"

I saw my friend Skip Bell Saturday evening at the DeQueen Historical Society's Christmas lighting celebration (It was a good evening with carolers, handbellers, pretty decorations and a cake walk). Skip told me that he was singing in the Lockesburg Community Choir's Christmas Special Sunday night at the First Baptist Church in Lockesburg and invited me to come and listen to the program.

There were quite a few local churches involved. The program was spectacular. The songs were peppy and had parts of the carols and hymns that I love in them. The choir sang beautifully, everything went smoothly, just a good performance that everyone there seemed to enjoy. My favorite part was the actors portraying Joseph and Mary and 5 week old Jack Slaton Currence who played the baby Jesus. Something about them touched me.

I do not believe it appropriate to "politic" at Church so I did not visit much and did not go eat the finger foods in the Fellowship Hall but the program sure was a good way to end the weekend.

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