Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thoughts After Church Sunday

My kids have been in town this weekend - Larry, Tana, Chloe and Shelly. That in itself makes for a great weekend. Mom fed us supper last night. Cornish hens (cooked by the 4H young people), baked beans, baked potatoes and more. Topped off by homemade chocolate pie - it was all just right.

I rode my bicycle 25 miles yesterday with my friend Kirk. We ran into John on the ride and rode back to town together. 25 miles should not be that much but I was sure tired the rest of the day. We have been blessed with a beautiful weekend. I did get one crepe myrtle pruned and started on another one. I usually wait until Valentines before I trim the knock out roses back.  I also made the Howard County Farm Bureau breakfast Saturday morning. My colleagues Representatives Nate Steel and Brent Talley were there also.

Last week seemed like another slow week. Things are beginning to pick up.  We still have the medicaid issue to deal with and I think until we figure that out it will remain slow. Stay in touch and if you have concerns please get in touch with me. I continue to receive many, many emails from Arkansans worried about our 2nd amendment rights. I tell them that I am a hunter, shooter and a NRA Life member. That they don't have to worry about the Arkansas Legislature restricting their rights and that it is DC where we are at risk.

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