Friday, December 23, 2011

Grandbaby is home - It is almost Christmas

Chloe came home last night because she was really missing her grand dad. Larry, Tana and Shelly and Chloe at home really made it seem like Christmas.

The picture is our tree about daylight this morning. Chloe had decided she should get up and look around. We still get a real tree every year and I like a lot of lights on the tree. Back before there were douglas firs available we used to spend hours hunting for a tree. Most of the firs are pretty and I think this tree was the second one I looked at.

At Teague & Teague Insurance we are open this morning - I don't know for how long but probably till shortly after lunch. Over the years I have learned that at this point in the season folks are not much inclined to talk insurance.

Merry Christmas and I pray that you remember that the birth of the Savior is the reason for the season.

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