Sunday, May 2, 2010

Peach Festival, Blevins Fundraiser, Glenwood Chamber

After checking the storm damage in Dierks I decided that a little bicycle ride would be just the right thing so I suited up and rode 20 miles. A quick shower and I was off to Main Street Nashville for the annual Peach Blossom Festival. The sky that had looked so ominous cleared off and the Nashville Chamber of Commerce had a pleasant day for their festival. While I was there the crowd was pretty substantial and there was a goodly amount of vendors. I had a small window of time before heading off to do a little more politicking so I squeezed in another 20 miles on the bike.

The people in Blevins have a long tradition of holding a very successful fundraiser for the Arkansas Children's Hospital. It used to be a Log-A-Load event but now it is simply a Children's Hospital fundraiser. It is always well attended and lots of money is raised. I dropped in on it about 5:00, shook most of the hands and left a check so that I could buy a pie or cake. From there I was bound for the Centerpoint school at Glenwood for the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce's Business Appreciation Banquet. There was a huge crowd there. I don't believe there was an empty seat in the house. The Centerpoint FFA does the cooking and the meals are always good there. I may have eaten several of the fine lunchroom rolls. Congressman Ross was the featured speaker - he always does a good job.

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