Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Busy Saturday

The "campaign" season is almost over. There is only one more weekend for the majority of events. After the election the Saturday fundraiser type events will slow down considerably. I started Saturday having breakfast with my mother (I start every day with breakfast with mom). Then I met a couple of friends and we rode our bicycles over to Hope and back. 53 miles was almost too many for this early in the season but we managed to get home.

Mom had a gathering of her sisters and family at her lake house so I headed up there early in the afternoon. The homemade ice cream was exquisite and I confess to consuming several bowls. Leaving there I began a scramble to make several events. I started at the Umpire volunteer fire department's fish fry. I was there early before the big crowd gathered but I did get to visit with the cooks and a few others. Umpire is on the very north end of Howard County. Leaving there I headed to the very south end of the county to attend the Cottenshed fire department's fish fry. Cottenshed is on Millwood and those people really know how to cook fish. Leaving there I drove over into Hempstead County to the Crossroads fire department's BBQ/Auction. The crowd at Crossroads is always pretty large. I managed to buy a set of screwdrivers for about 10 times their worth but I had a good time and supported a good organization. I think that I missed a couple of other fire department events. With 5 counties in my district it is awfully hard to get all the ground covered.

I have become a fan of bluegrass over the last few years. The Hope/Hempstead Chamber hosts several bluegrass events during the course of the year and they were hosting one yesterday at the park. I left Crossroads and managed to catch about an hour of the concert.

It was a busy day and I was very happy when I arrived back at home and settled down into my chair.

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