Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturdays Can Be Busy

Saturday started at the round breakfast table at the Whistle Stop in Hope at about 7:00 a.m. Around that table there is great knowledge and wisdom passed out for those in need or really just anyone that will listen. I always enjoy the talk and try to give as good as I receive. I stayed there until almost 8 before heading over to the church.

I think that I have mentioned before here that I am a Lay Speaker in the Methodist Church. The Church has two levels of Lay Speaking that it recognizes - Basic and Advanced. Both levels require a training course to be completed. The Basic is a one time training and the Advanced need to refresh every three years. I am confident that I was overdue a refresher so I spent yesterday in Hope at First United Methodist's fine facility training. I sat (stood some) in a folding metal chair till about 2:30. The training was good and I enjoyed meeting the other students. There were about 40 students there which seems like a good sign to me that our Methodist churches in southwest Arkansas are alive and well.

Leaving there I managed to drop in on the Black Historical Society's meet and greet function. I arrived just in time to get to speak and thank them for allowing me to serve as their Senator. Next stop was the Masonic Fish Fry in Nashville. I dropped in on them and gave quite a bit of advice on how to fry fish and I had to sample their work. From there to Lockesburg where the volunteer fire department was having a fish fry. They had a big crowd and I managed to sample a little more fish there. Sevier County has several candidates for county offices and the turnout was good. I finished my night at the Centerpoint fire departments BBQ and auction. It is about 4 miles from my house and there is always a big crowd. I bought the peanut patties at the auction. It has become a tradition and they are so good.

It is likely that I missed as many events last night as I was able to attend. I know I missed a Farm Bureau candidates meeting in Mena/Polk County, a fundraiser in Kirby, ...... and more that I just could not manage to work into my day. After all that running around it was nice to get home and sit in my chair and read.

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