Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hope Chamber Banquet and Retired Federal Employees

Last night was the Hope/Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce Banquet. They host a pretty good banquet. The food was fried fish and chicken strips which I always like. Governor Beebe was the guest speaker and gave what I believe to be the best talk I have ever heard him give. The awards went to Willie Buck, Educator of the Year and to Judge Randy Wright, Citizen of the Year. We were out of there by about 8:15 which was not bad at all. There was a great crowd and I enjoyed visiting and shaking hands.

This afternoon I drove to Murfreesboro to speak with the local group of National Association of Retired Federal Employees. I enjoyed visiting with them and felt like we had a good dialogue. While I was up that way I stopped and took pictures of a house I needed for insurance purposes. It is a nice day to be out and about. No where to go tonight, I hope to ride the bicycle and then maybe do a little landscaping type work.

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