Friday, April 2, 2010

Catching Up

I have not done a good job of blogging lately. One of my grandmothers went home to the Lord on the 21st. In addition to the grief dealing with all of the details has been fairly stressful. Right after the funeral I came down with a stomach virus that was not pleasant and kept me down for three or four days.

Tuesday Freddie Horne brought his class/classes to the Capitol. I drove up to visit with them. We had lunch in the Capitol Cafeteria then went upstairs and I visited with them for a little while. I do enjoy visiting with young people. It gives me hope that they will be able to fix the mistakes of ours and previous generations.

Tuesday evening I was in Kirby for a fundraiser for the Kirby Warriors girls basketball State Championship team. I managed to buy some peanut brittle and a pecan pie as well as enjoy a good hamburger.

I was back in Little Rock Wednesday for an insurance meeting and to take care of a few constituent type problems that needed dealing with.

I will try to keep up better I hope that you have a good Easter.

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