Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunday School Party

I forgot to take my camera last night to our Sunday school party. Debbie and I arrived late, apparently I put the wrong time in my calendar. There were about 14 of us there which is a considerably smaller crowd than we usually have at our Christmas party. We do "finger food" but there is always enough to eat a full meal. I always take cream cheese covered in pepper jelly which I spread on to Triscuits. I do love cream cheese - it makes almost anything taste better. We all bring ornaments, draw numbers and then pick from the packages. I wound up with a pretty jingle bell type door hanger. I usually take gag type ornaments. I recall one year I gave an ultra sonic pocket mosquito repeller with a pipe cleaner hanger attached. It seemed to get regiven for several years until I wound back up with it last year. I could not remember where I put it or I would have sent it around again. I enjoy my Sunday school class very much and I appreciate all of my friends in the class.

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