Sunday, December 6, 2009

Candace's Christmas Party in Crossett

Candace Jeffress hosted some friends at a Christmas party Saturday night at their house in Crossett (to be fair I guess Jimmy was a host also). Debbie and I drove to Crossett, a trip that turned out to be slightly more than 150 miles of fairly hard driving and almost 3 hours each way. We made it home about midnight - whew I am too old to stay out that late very often. Several of our friends were there, I am not going to try to name them all because I would probably forget someone.
You will notice on the picture above that the ladies in the middle look much better than Jimmy and I do. You can barely see the Christmas ball decoration on my tie and you cannot see the Santa Claus decorations on my braces (suspenders). I still have Santa's hat that he left at my house last year. I had every intention of wearing it also but left it in the truck.
As I have said before I do love Christmas and most of you know how I enjoy talking so you can imagine that I had a good time.

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