Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jay Martin's Thanksgiving Feed for Those in Need

The Food Lines
Work in the Kitchen
Legislative Volunteers: Senator Broadway, Former Representative (Senate Candidate) Sandra Prater, Representative Kathy Webb (Chef & Cooking Supervisor), Representative Alan Kerr and Representative Richard Carroll - That's me on the left.

You may remember that last year I had the opportunity to help cook for Jay Martin's feeding of the homeless and those in need at the State Fair Grounds. It is one of those things that is both uplifting and depressing. This year Representative Webb had more volunteers cooking so we were not as rushed trying to get the food ready for the crowds. I don't know how many people they fed. There was a good crowd there when I left at 6:30 and I met a couple more bus loads turning in as I was leaving. The fine folks at First Assembly of God are certainly doing the Lord's work when they feed the hungry. I said a prayer for the volunteers and those being fed as I drove away last night. I appreciate the opportunity to help.

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