Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reception for Chuck & Mandy Welch at the Hollis'

Tonight John & Kim Hollis hosted a reception at their beautiful house for Chuck and Mandy Welch. John & Kim are such gracious hosts and have such a beautiful house and yard and are most willing to open their house to good causes and friends. They are good people.

Chuck & Mandy will be leaving Hope and UACCH in a couple of weeks as they move to Arkadelphia and Chuck takes over the reins at Henderson State University. They will be sorely missed in Hope. They are dearly loved and respected. While I hate to lose them I do wish them the very, very best and pray God's Blessings upon them. My daughter Shelly attends HSU so I am happy that it is going to be in good hands.

Chris & Penny Thomason were among the guests tonight. While everyone hates to lose Chuck and Mandy there is genuine excitement that Chris & Penny and Allen will join an institution that they love - UACCH.

Thanks very much to John & Kim for inviting me to their house and thanks to those responsible for the event. You can never tell someone that they are loved and appreciated too many times.

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