Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hope Chamber Coffee & Little Rock trip

The Hope Chamber Coffee yesterday was at the Student Center at UACCH. It was a going away - send off for Chuck and Mandy Welch. As I have said many times in this blog we will miss them but wish them the very best.

I left Hope and headed to Little Rock. It was my first trip after the election and I had several things that I needed to do and a lot of people that I needed to see. I sat in on the Agri & Economic Development Senate committee and listened to them discuss broadband access statewide. It is a really important issue here in Southwest Arkansas. I then dropped in on a meeting discussing teachers health insurance. I got there late but it seemed there had been good discussion. It is an important issue and we must find additional funding for the teachers health insurance program.

I am off to Hot Springs tonight for a meal with friends. Have a great day.

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