Friday, May 2, 2008

Sevier Farm Bureau

The Sevier County Farm Bureau hosted a candidates forum last night. It was held at the First Baptist Church in DeQueen and was carried live over the air on local radio stations. I have not participated in an event quite like this one. The candidates were sequestered away and were not allowed to hear their opponents talk. The moderator, Charles Lee, asked each candidate 3 questions and we were given 3 minutes to answer. The first question had to do with urban legislators versus rural and taking the sales tax off of natural gas and propane and water used for agricultural processes. The second question was about eminent domain and the third was about managing timber resources on highway right of ways. I had hoped for questions regarding more timely issues; i.e. jobs and the economy, healthcare, and immigration to name a few. They had a good crowd, I counted just under 100. The State Representative candidates were asked about how they felt about school consolidation. I do not support forced consolidation of our schools while my opponent did vote for consolidation.

It was a good evening, mom & Deb, Dennis Ritchie and Rick Hicks were my support team there last night. The weekend will be busy, lots of places to go - it will be great fun.

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