Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In Hope most of the day

The Hope Chamber of Commerce coffee was this morning, it was hosted by Sudbury broadcasting. As always the food was good - they had a bowl of "goldfish" crackers - I can eat my weight in them. They were nice and fixed me a bag to go.

There was a dedication of the new research barn at the Southwest Research and Extension Center at Hope. The rain had us moved inside but there was a good crowd and they served us hamburgers.

Mrs. Butler retired at the educational CO-OP today. Really fancy and good food and quite a few friends came by to see her off.

The state 4A track tourney is in Nashville today. I have just left there. I really enjoy watching track and field events.

I am back in Hope early in the morning but tomorrow looks fairly light as far as events go.

5 days to go! Please remember to either go vote early or don't forget to vote on Tuesday the 20th. Thanks for checking in here.

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