Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Weekend

Friday evening found Deb, Mom & me in Glenwood at the Glenwood Senior Citizens Center for a "Meet the Candidates" night sponsored by the Pike County Democratic Central Committee. There was a good crowd, they raised over $2,000 to benefit the Senior Center. We enjoyed visiting with everyone. Quite a few of those attending I was meeting for my 3rd or 4th time. A storm blew up and we were told there was rotation in the cloud so we stopped and paid attention to the storm until it passed. Fortunately there was only rain and a little wind where we were.

Saturday morning I picked up sign posts at the Farmers Co-Op and dropped by the Nashville High School FFA Showteam's fundraiser in front of the Co-Op. They were smoking chicken. It was not ready yet but it sure smelled good. Then it was off to Delight to the Delight Cemetary
Association's fundraiser gathering/luncheon. There were a lot of people there though I am told the crowd was less than normal. It seems to me that turnout is less at most events. I am convinced that gas prices and the economy are causing more people to stay home. I left Delight and headed to Hope and attended the last 30 minutes of the Health Fair at the Clinton Elementary School. Before leaving Hope I put up another sign or two and visited with some young men that are canvassing Hope for me. Back in Nashville I attended the Pleasant Valley Masonic Lodge's Fish Fry as they were getting set up and cooking. I had never been to Japany before so I went to the Japany Cemetary's fundraiser where they had some really good brisket and food (yes, I eat everywhere I go). I finished the evening back with Deb, Mom & Cousin Jim at the Centerpoint Volunteer Fire Departments meal/auction. What a great crowd they have. The community does an incredible job of supporting them. The auction lasted until almost 10:00 - I sure was tired and I was glad to get home. Debbie and I have been attending most if not all of the Centerpoint functions since we moved out that way 13 or 14 years ago. It is almost like going home.

My friends Kirk & Connie Echols went to the Masonic Fish Fry at Gillham. I appreciate their efforts on my behalf. I am told they worked hard and did a good job. As we approach the last 3 weeks of the campaign I will be needing more of my friends to cover the events. Don't be suprised if I call and ask for your help.

The Shiloh Cemetary, just west of Mineral Springs, had it's Decoration this morning. I was the devotional speaker for it. Many of the Teague's and our relatives and friends are buried there as well as our Pa (Joe W. Nutt). I appreciated them giving me the opportunity to speak. There was a lot of singing and then we ate which was probably the best part of the morning.

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