Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mena Sr Citizens Ctr & Realtors Interview

I drove to Mena and had lunch with the fine folks at the Senior Citizens Center in Mena. They were having meatloaf. It smelled good. I was too busy shaking hands to actually eat. After the meal I played a game of "tick" (I think some variation of Rummy) with some new friends. As always I enjoyed visiting with everyone. They have a magnificent facility up there. I will be back up there soon to see them again.

When I left there I had an hour or so left so I went down to the business district and spent some time walking and visiting. That is fun and I enjoy making new friends.

The Arkansas Realtors Association was interviewing candidates yesterday in Mena. I appreciate Tiffany, Nancy, Rebecca, Vickie and John taking time to come interview me. We talked about emminent domain, private property rights, I-49 and lots of other things.

It being Wednesday I did not have any where to go politic. Mom had cooked a big pot of great northern beans, some new potatoes and some cornbread - one of my favorite meals - after supper I went home and was in bed early.

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