Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hempstead Farm Bureau Candidates Forum

Tonight was a busy night. I had mom, cousins and other friends at the County Line/Yancey Volunteer Fire Departments BBQ fundraiser. I understand there was a good crowd in spite of the weather.

I started the afternoon in Hope at the Hope High School Auditorium for a meeting with the Dept of Ed Licensure Board regarding the proposed "Code of Ethics" regulations. As they are currently written they are unacceptable. 99% of our teachers are behaving in exemplary fashion. It does not make sense to punish those good teachers just to punish the bad players. It will need a lot of work. I hope that their rules are not approved and that we can work on it again in the 2009 Session.

At 6:00 Larry Garlington and his crew hosted the Farm Bureau Board, other guests and the candidates for a great fish fry. You know by now how much I love to eat. After the meal we each were given the opportunity to speak. It was great fun. I am convinced that when people hear our campaigns message about jobs, roads, healthcare, tourism, and senior issues it makes them think about where they want Southwest Arkansas to go in the next few years and who best can take them there. Our job is to let them know that I have the legislative and leadership skills to accomplish what needs to be done.

I am home early tonight. It will be nice. Tomorrow is busy check back for a report.

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