Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mena, Dierks & our Mailing

I left about 9 a.m. for Mena yesterday. Put a few big signs up in Mena, visited and then made it back to Nashville in time for an appointment at 3:30. I think it rained going both ways the whole time.

I was in Dierks last night - getting home pretty early, about 8:30.

Our mailing hit most voter households yesterday and should hit the remaining today. So far the feedback on them is very good. We wanted to introduce Larry Teague to those voters that I have not yet met and remind those that know me. I have pasted the mailing above, if you want to look at it closer click on each picture and it will open on a bigger page. Thanks for checking on me.

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Anonymous said...

If you click on the picture it opens into another page and you are then able to read the information on it. They look great Larry!

Christy Bradshaw