Saturday, March 22, 2008


I started this morning before 7 with a stop at the TipTop in Lockesburg. After a short visit I headed off to Wickes where the Extension Service was conducting a Forestry workshop. As a recipient of the Arkansas Forestry Association's Legislator of the Year award I have a good relationship with the Forest Products Industry. They had a pretty good crowd.

I left them and headed south. After putting out some signs and doing some door to door I stopped at Nadine's in Lockesburg for lunch and then I made my way to Dierks where the Chamber of Commerce was hosting their annual Easter Egg hunt. I made it in time to get in on hiding the eggs and then..... I was the Easter Bunny (see the above photos). It was fun to play with the kids, seemed to me that about one half of them like the bunny and one half did not. Costume was hot and not particularly comfortable but it was a good time. One nice thing was that they had about 3000 eggs so every child found plenty of them.

I wound up the evening at the Clow Wild Game Supper. Wild hog, deer, coon, catfish and buffalo and more were available. As always, I overate but enjoyed the company. It was a good productive day. I am tired and looking forward to going home.

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