Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hempstead Cattlemens Mtg & Shepard's 65th Anniversary

Last night I was in Hope. I stopped by the Hempstead County Democratic Women's meeting long enough to join their group and shake a few hands. I left there and went over to the Hempstead County Cattleman's Association meeting over at the Community Building on the fairgrounds. The meeting was sponsored by the Hempstead County Farmers Co Op and the food was prepared by the Western Sizzler.

While I was there I visited with Mr. (Willie) & Mrs. (Maxine) Shepard. Yesterday, the 26th of November was their 65th Anniversary. What a great accomplishment. Everyone in the Cattleman's meeting gave them a round of applause. 65 years sure makes Debbie and my 26 years of marriage seem small. Good for them and I pray they have many more. They are nice people to visit with.

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