Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Morning

It is nice to be home. I wish the weather was a little warmer so that I could take a bicycle ride. This morning I drove over to Ashdown to the CCCUA campus for a breakfast meeting with the Little River, Miller and Sevier County Farm Bureau. It appears that I have a breakfast Farm Bureau meeting for the next few Saturdays. I always enjoy visiting with them. They are normally well informed and understand the issues - at least the issues that are important to them.

After I made it back to Nashville I went down to the Howard County Christian Health Clinic for a prostate exam. The Prostate Foundation was in town for their annual exam opportunity at the Clinic. It is important for men to have their prostate checked regularly.

Now I need to process some paperwork and answer some emails. We begin our third week Monday. Things will start moving faster. Pay attention to your issues and stay in touch.

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