Friday, January 18, 2013

Home - For a Long Weekend

It was nice to get home last night. My daughter, Shelly rode home with me so that made for a nice quite time to visit. Mom had cooked spaghetti so we all went over and had supper with her. It is nice to be able to be in the office on most Fridays. It gives me a chance to get some paper processed off of my desk. I am lucky that the ladies that work for me take good care of my business while I am away. 

I thought I might share a few thoughts on the first week. My health issues this week likely resulted in a calmer first week for me than I might have otherwise had. First weeks are always a little frustrating. Lot's of pomp and circumstance and not a lot of results. It is just the nature of the process that it takes some time to get bills into the "pipeline". Bills must be filed, sent to committee, committees must meet - and various processes that go along with that. Budget will begin to run some cash fund agencies through on Tuesday. Budget can't really get started until the general appropriations bill clears both chambers. It seems to me the big issue remains the medicaid budget shortfall and medicaid expansion. Until those issues are addressed I don't see that much heavy lifting on the budget can get done. 

We are off Monday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Hopefully by Tuesday I will be feeling better and ready to go. Keep up and keep in touch. Remember to pray for our state and her leaders and for our country and her leaders. 

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