Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Busy Saturday

My friend Kirk and I rode our bicycles over to Historic Washington and home this morning - about a 50 mile trip. The temperature warmed up very quickly - it was the first warm ride of the year. I did make it home in time to visit the Peach Blossom Festival here in Nashville.

I made four events this evening. Beginning with smoked ribs and a meet the candidate event at the masonic lodge in Historic Washington. Arriving there after it was all over, I did get to visit with the members but I didn't get a slab of ribs. Then off to Blevins for their Arkansas Children's Hospital fundraiser. Blevins has done incredible work over the years raising money for this worthy cause. Stopped and picked up Debbie and we went north to the Umpire/Athens fire department fish fry. The food was good there. Then back home to the Center Point fire department BBQ and auction. We enjoy supporting the fire departments. They always are in need of additional funding.

Whew - a long day and a warm day. I am heading home now. Good Night.

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