Monday, December 12, 2011

Delight Christmas Parade and Search & Rescue

Saturday I was Grand Marshall of the Delight Christmas Parade. My friend Terry Allgood was my driver in his 1959 Ford Galaxie. It was a great car with everything original except for new carpeting and it had less than 29,000 miles. I really appreciate the fine folks at Delight inviting me to lead the parade. They always have a good turnout and I love to throw candy to the little ones - and older ones too.

At some point I had a brain lapse and signed up to take an intro Search & Rescue class Saturday and Sunday. The instructors were interesting and very knowledgeable and I really enjoyed the class and those in the class with me. I have always been interested in how to work a compass and how orienteering works. We spent a whole morning working with our compasses and that was fun. The next level Search & Rescue class is 6 days with a night spent out surviving on just what is carried in your backpack. I don't know that I will need to step up to the next level but I could have another brain freeze and get myself committed.

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