Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Millennium & SW Arts & Howard Cattlemen's

I was in Hope yesterday at about 2:00 for the ribbon cutting for the New Millennium joist plant in Hope. It was a good event with the Governor down to help us celebrate it. I often say that jobs are the answer to most of the ills we have in southwest Arkansas. We need more opportunities to celebrate new jobs and we continue to work on both the state level and the local level to create jobs.

This evening I ran back to Hope for the Southwest Arts event at the Yerger Middle School. They cook food of all sorts of international flavor. Their after school program with at risk young people does really good work and I appreciate their efforts.

Back in Nashville I stopped by the Howard County Cattlemen's Association last meeting of the year - and yes I did eat again. I love their sliced brisket.

As you might imagine I was able to shake quite a few hands at all the events and I was even persuaded to show a few people might pretty little grand daughters picture.

I know that I am off to Mena tomorrow afternoon for a meeting. Hopefully I will report in on it later.

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