Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Weekend In Progress

Last night I joined some friends at their deer camp for some great smoked brisket and fixings. On the way into deer camp I noticed some yellow, spring type flowers in bloom. It was a great reminder that spring is coming.

I left Nashville about 6:30 this morning headed toward Mena. The Polk County Farm Bureau was hosting a breakfast for legislators. Representative Bell and I had the opportunity to visit with somewhere between 15 and 20 of our constituents. It seemed like a good meeting with some good questions from those in attendance. On the way home I stopped and visited at a couple different coffee shop type gatherings where I was exposed to much wisdom.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is in Nashville this morning at the free health clinic. I stopped by there when I arrived back in town and had an exam and blood drawn for a PSA. It is important that men get those things checked and I try to do so annually.

The Lockesburg volunteer fire department is hosting a fundraiser this evening. I expect to drive over and eat chicken (or whatever) with them and do a little more visiting. For now, I need to go get the oil changed, fill the wood box at the house, and squeeze in a bicycle ride. Thanks for checking in.

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