Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chamber Banquet, Snow and Another Slow Week

It has been another slow week in Little Rock. It appears that things are beginning to pick up. Some of this weeks slowness can likely be blamed on the weather. Speaking of weather I drove into Nashville yesterday. It was not a pleasant drive. The two hour drive took three and a half hours as I fought to keep the car on the road. By night the roads here in Nashville were in pretty good shape and it was no trouble to get into the office this morning.

Tuesday evening was the Nashville Chamber Banquet. My friend Attorney General Dustin McDaniel was the speaker for the evening and he did a great job. Representative Steel and I rode down and back with him. While I didn't stay for the whole banquet it was about as good as I remember. Tonight was to be the DeQueen Chamber's banquet but they have postponed it until the 24th.

One item of note is that I filed the grocery sales tax reduction this week. I was glad to help the Governor on this as we reduce state tax income by approximately 21 million.

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