Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busy Weekend - Hope, Delight & Nashville

Last night I took my preacher out to deer camp to eat - yes there was some risk to it but it worked out just fine. After leaving deer camp I drove over to Hope where my friends in the Hope Lions Club were in day two of their auction. They have a super auction conducted over three days every year. It is well attended and even broadcast over local TV. Representative Powers had already paid $450 for the cake when I arrived. Sure hate I missed that opportunity.

This morning I drove back to Hope for breakfast and wisdom at the Whistle Stop. The purpose of the trip was two fold. I also had to take some pictures of property for insurance purposes. After making it back home I rode the bicycle for 20 miles - it was just too nice a day to not get out. It will likely be the last day of this year when I ride in shorts and a t-shirt.

After the ride I headed to Delight where Representative Stewart and I rode in the Christmas parade. This was a special one - commemorating 100 years of the Delight school system and the Bulldog athletic programs. I forgot my camera for Delight but remembered it before I walked over to Main Street to watch the Nashville Christmas parade.

There are several opportunities for more places to go this evening. Not sure which one or ones I will make.

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