Sunday, June 27, 2010

Senators Lincoln, Broadway & Stand UP for America

Last night was the Nashville Parks and Recreation and the Nashville Chamber of Commerce's patriotic annual Stand Up For America celebration. It has traditionally been held on the 4th of July but this year they tried an experiment to see if the week before would increase the crowd. Not sure the experiment worked but the local entertainment was good and Marty Stuart, the headliner, was working hard when I slipped away. It was very, very warm and seats in the shade were much coveted.

I began the afternoon with my friend Senator Shane Broadway, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, walking/working the crowd with me. He is my good friend and if he runs for President I will support him. Secretary of State candidate Pat O'brien was there working the crowd also. I look forward to working with Shane and Pat in the coming years.

They left about 6 to attend another event in Texarkana. Senator Blanche Lincoln arrived at about 7. She had the opportunity to say hello to the crowd from the stage and then we shook a few hands and visited with a few in the crowd before she had to leave. I am very pleased she came to southwest Arkansas and I am hopeful she will be back several times before the general election in the fall.

I started the day riding the bicycle at about 6 a.m. My friend and I started out heading west and made a big circle (about 63 miles). Consequently, I am not sure I ever cooled down until late last night. It was a good day but I was happy to get home, showered and cool.

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