Sunday, June 6, 2010

Catching Up

My broken ribs are causing me less difficulty than they were. I am thankful for that. I haven't blogged about how it happened but.... it had to do with a wheelchair, wheelies in the wheelchair and no-hands wheelies. Enough said about it.

Girl's State was last week. I always enjoy working with the young ladies. They give me hope for the future. They are bright, caring, ambitious and I hope they will be able to fix some of the mistakes we have made over the years. The Senate and the House each choose a member to address the girls. I had the opportunity to speak for the Senate and I really enjoyed it. With some participation from the girls we had a good time. When they came to the Capitol on Thursday I was very impressed with the group elected as Senators. It seemed they knew what they believed in and were willing to stand up for it. All in all it was a very enjoyable couple of days for me.

Rode my bicycle to Delight, McCaskill and home yesterday - about 67 miles for me and pretty hilly on parts of the ride. Whew!

My Pike County Democratic friends had a BBQ gathering at the Gould's residence last night. I try to never miss them. The Gould's have a great outside area for people to gather up and the company is always good. After a long day on the bicycle I was tired and glad to get home when all was said and done.

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