Monday, May 17, 2010

Amtrak - Chicago

Thursday evening started with a meeting with the Howard County Fair Board. They wanted to express their appreciation for a grant they are receiving. Then I headed to Texarkana to see some of my in-laws who were in town from South Carolina.

Leaving Texarkana Debbie took me to Hope where I was going to catch Amtrak with a group from Hope as we traveled to Chicago. The purpose of our meeting was to attend the TEMPO group meeting and to have breakfast with a group of Amtrak executives regarding Amtrak stopping in Hope. The train was a couple of hours late but there was a big crowd there for the send-off so I enjoyed visiting with everyone. It was my first time to travel on rail and I enjoyed it very much. The sleeper car was nice, the dining car was not bad and there was no stress involved in traveling to Chicago. I thought that our meeting went well and I am very optimistic that we will be successful in Hope's efforts to have an Amtrak stop there.

I flew back into Little Rock yesterday evening and I am glad to be back at work this morning. The flight was unusual in that because of storms we could not land and we had to go back to Memphis for some fuel.

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