Saturday, March 20, 2010

Politics in Murfreesboro and My Birthday Party

Last night the Pike County Democratic Central Committee hosted a "Meet and Greet" for candidates. My friends Shane Broadway and Monty Davenport and Doris Tate drove down and participated. There is a sheriff's race, a county judge's race and an assessor's race in Pike County so there is plenty of interest in local politics. They had an auction to raise money for the Senior Citizen's Center. I managed to be top bidder on a big plate of peanut brittle that I was happy to share with the crowd. It was a good night and I enjoyed it a lot.

My birthday was last week but the kids had not been home to help celebrate it. They drove in today and my Mom cooked some minute steak, gravy, biscuits and...... we all ate too much. The picture is my traditional chocolate cake with real homemade fudge icing. Sinful but just the right thing to top off a good day.

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