Monday, March 15, 2010

Needed Changes at Alexander Human Development Center


LITTLE ROCK – Late last week, the Arkansas Department of Human Services completed its annual survey of the care provided at the Alexander Human Development Center (ADHC). The results of that survey show that immediate action is required at ADHC. Reviews of surveys of other facilities, also conducted by the Office of Long Term Care, are ongoing as well.

Under the direction of Governor Mike Beebe, Dr. Charlie Green, the Development Disabilities Services Commissioner, has personally assumed supervisory duties at the ADHC. Dr. Green's role as supervisor is only temporary, as Governor Beebe has approved the hiring of a team of independent experts to determine the necessary long-term steps required to satisfactorily improve the care provided at the facility.

The report completed last week noted serious deficiencies in emergency transportation, supervision of residents, use of restraints, and physical problems with the facility itself.

The ADHC is home to 110 adult males, many of whom have severe physical- and mental-health issues. Finding the proper ways to improve their care is a complex process. Steps have already been taken, including improving staff-to-resident ratio and restructuring the living arrangements within the facility.

Under Arkansas law, the Developmental Disabilities Services Board has authority over administrative changes at all Human Development Centers. They have previously delegated that authority to Dr. Green, who will continue to work closely with the Board as changes are made at the AHDC.

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