Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day and the Weekend

Debbie and I did drive up to Mena Friday evening for the Rotary Club's Valentine evening. We enjoyed it quite a bit. I did a little politicking, we sat with our friends the Oglesby's and Rowe's and enjoyed a good prime rib dinner.

The Black Historical Society in Hope hosted their annual Black History Parade at 1:00 yesterday. I drove over and participated in it. I always enjoy visiting with everyone there. Later in the evening Deb and I drove over to Texarkana and ate at Bryce's Cafeteria which is one of my most favorite places to eat. I remember what a treat it was to eat there when I was a child. After eating we made a quick run by mother-in-laws and then to the book store before coming home.

It was my turn to give the children's sermon at church this morning. I did some juggling and some humor and tried to mix a little bit of his "word" in during it. The youth at church are hosting a Valentine banquet tonight so Deb and I will be heading back to town to support them.

It is snowing like crazy here. When I went to Sunday School this morning my truck showed the temperature to be 54 degrees and now it says 32 degrees. As much snow as has fallen we are lucky that it was so warm earlier. I have a fire burning at home and it is perfect afternoon to sit in front of the fire and watch the snow fall.

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