Thursday, January 7, 2010

It Is COLD And Going to Get COLDER

We had a little bit of sleet/snow last night. I could just see a scattering of frozen precipitation on the ground at the Teague household this morning. There was a pretty good coating of snow and ice on my pickup. I was thankful I had started it. It looks as if we are in for a few days of really cold weather. I have the hydrant covers on the house and a large stack of firewood brought up to the back porch so I am hopeful that we are prepared. I did go to the store last night and buy some chocolate milk to help me get through the cold evenings. I like to take chocolate milk and heat it to make hot chocolate - it is so good and seems richer than the powdered hot chocolate mixes. I was in the hospital last night here visiting with my grandmother, all but one bed was full so it seems as if there is plenty of sickness to go with the cold weather.

Stay warm and inside out of the weather if you can.

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