Saturday, January 9, 2010

Heavy Frost and Cold Weather

Before heading in to have breakfast at my mom's this morning I took time to build a fire at home. The truth is that with our fireplace it is not complicated or hard to build a fire. The gas lighter blows two hot blue flames directly across the logs and will light even the greenest firewood.

The frost this morning was very heavy and it was so beautiful. As I drove into town the pastures sparkled as if there were row upon row of beautiful diamonds momentarily refracting all colors of the spectrum.

The Prostate Foundation is in town at our free health clinic and I am about to head that way for my annual checkup. I appreciate the Prostate Foundation working with our clinic. Last year we served a goodly number of men - many of which would not have had their prostate checked otherwise.

I don't have any "politicking" on my calendar today. Maybe we will go to a movie later this afternoon.

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