Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cold With Some Winter Precipitation

My "geeks" came by the office Wednesday afternoon to replace the processor fan on my laptop. After they replaced it the laptop would not stay powered up. Because of that I have been without my laptop for the last three days. As a creature of habit I prefer to do my computing on my laptop so I have not posted lately.
It is a cold morning here in Southwest Arkansas. We had what I call a perfect snow last night; it was pretty while it was falling, it makes driving around this morning very pretty and there is no frozen precipitation on the roads - a perfect snow. I drove through the Nashville Park this morning and took the above photos while I was there. Before I left home I took the time to build a fire in the fireplace. The coals were still hot and there was a piece that had rolled out to the side so it was easy to get it burning quickly.
I had planned to drive to Mena today to attend the dedication of a memorial for the victims of this year's tornado but I don't believe that I am going to try to drive up there this morning. The roads are probably alright but I don't see any reason to chance it.

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