Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Spirit is Alive and Well at the Teague Residence

The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well at our house this Christmas season. One of my duties at home is the setup and lighting of our tree. We have stubbornly clung to our tradition of a "real" Christmas tree; partly because I love the smell in the house, partly because I just think that they are prettier and mostly because I am a sucker for tradition and we have always had a "real" tree and I don't see any reason to change. I am known for over lighting my trees. I love to sit in a dark room with the fire burning and look at the tree. Debbie and Tana (daughter-in-law) were in Texarkana yesterday and found a fine douglas fir for us. Once I have the lights on it then becomes Debbie and the kids (mostly Debbie's) duty to decorate and finish. We still have the exterior lights to get up at home. I will report in before the weekend is finished on the progress on them.

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