Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sign pick up and Langley Volunteer Fire Department

When I arrived home from my morning in Murfreesboro at the Diamond Festival I picked up my friend Kirk and we headed off into south Howard County and then over into Hempstead County to pick up more signs. It was nice to have some help and after the recent rain the posts came out of the ground fairly easily.

I have tried to get all my signs up but I will not be suprised to learn that I have missed some. If you see one that I have missed please either pull it down or contact me (office 870-845-5303 or email I am sure that everyone is tired of all the campaign signs by now and I really want to be sure that all of mine have been put away.

After Sunday School I am off to Texarkana to visit with the in-laws for birthday celebrations. I hope to find time to go by the bookstore, it seems like ages since I have had the time to read for relaxation and I am really looking forward to a good book.

I hope that you are enjoying your Memorial Day holiday.

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