Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monday - the last day before the election

Sunday was pretty slow. I went to Sunday School and Church. We had a potluck after Church. My job at the potlucks is to wash the dishes. I don't mind at all and it seems to make everyone happy. I put on a Teague shirt and rode the bicycle into town and up and down Main Street and through the Wal Mart parking lot several times.

I will start early in Hempstead County having breakfast with different groups, then the Morning Show with Mark Keith and then a scheduled stop or two. It is my intent to be in all five counties tomorrow. So I will spend too much time on the road and not as much time shaking hands as I would like to.

Thank you for your support and for checking in on my blog. We are having a "Watch" party at my friends Kirk & Connie Echols house on Golf Links Road Tuesday evening - they have plenty of room for parking. Please come by and support us one more time. There will be cokes and finger foods.

We are almost home. Please remember to go VOTE and take your friends and neighbors with you. God Bless

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