Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

After breakfast this morning with my mother. I made my way to the office and spent some time answering mail and dropping a few people "notes" that I owed them.

I headed over to Hope to the Hempstead County Courthouse to attend the Memorial Day Service there. I had attended the Veterans Day program last fall and I really enjoyed it. Mr. Ross and his crew put on another good event. A lot of us political types were there. Bubba Powers, Chris Thomason, Judge Culpepper, Christie McQueen, Sheriff Crane and myself were among those that spoke.

I had not expected to speak, I appreciate Bubba Powers for inviting me to speak. I told of my Dad, Herschell, being a Marine in Korea at 17 and how Dad had instilled into my brother and me patriotism and a tremendous respect for those who have served and who do serve.

Thank God for those who have given their lives for our great country, Thank God for those who have and do serve - their sacrifices should not be forgotten.

After coming home, I went on a 20 mile bicycle ride and then we made some homemade vanilla ice cream. It was the best batch of the year (first also). I think we just about ate it all. It was a great way to close out this holiday.

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