Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday evening

Mom, Deb and I were at the New Hope Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser for the Strasner family whose house had burned. There was a great crowd gathered for a spaghetti dinner and to help the Strasner's. It was once again proof positive that there is no better place to live than southwest Arkansas - neighbors helping neighbors.

Deb & Mom went on over to Kirby while I stayed and worked the large crowd at the fundraiser. The Kirby meeting had to do with the Corp discussin privatizing recreational areas on the lake. From what I have heard regarding the meeting it was not a popular idea with those present. There is another meeting on the 25th that I will be able to attend. Based on what I know right now I don't like the idea either. I have contacted Congressman Ross and asked him for more information.

Today I have a function in all five counties. The only bad part of that is that I will spend a lot of time driving when I could be out shaking hands. However, I don't want to miss any opportunity to visit with folks so I will be going hard all day. It will be great fun.

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