Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Busy Saturday

The coffee shop was busy and the "information" was certainly flowing when I stopped by Saturday morning. It is amazing how much smarter a person can become sitting around the table. From there it was off to Delight for the annual BBQ cookoff. Those who participate in the cookoff really work hard - they stay up all night cooking and have lots of money invested in their "toys". I judged chicken - I was so full I could hardly breathe. I love chicken so I was very happy.

I left there and headed to Historic Washington to the Silver Moon Masonic Lodge. They were having a fundraiser/political speaking. I was late but I arrived there just in time to buy the last (or next to the last) cake. My good friend Sandra Rodgers had already bought one for me but I was glad to make it. They then allowed me to speak. I did not like arriving late but it could not be helped. The timing of it all seemed to work out perfectly - I made some new friends which always makes me happy.

Deb emceed a "Dog Show" in Dierks on our behalf. She wore her Teague shirt and had a really good time. Since she brought Elle into our lives she has really become a dog lover so she had a big time.

I left Washington and went to the Hope park where the Bluegrass Festival was being held. It was a most of the day event with a good crowd - I am not sure how many of them were from our area but a lot of people were there. I did not really know that I was a bluegrass fan but I probably could have hung around there all day if I had not had to go off for more campaigning. My friend Mark Keith introduced me and I really appreciated that.

Mom & Deb went to Lockesburg to the Belleville Masonic Lodge's fish fry. They enjoyed it and said that the food was good.

My last stop of the day was the Cottenshed Volunteer Fire Department where they were having their Fish Fry fundraiser. There is always a good crowd there and last night was no different. Living in the heart of fish country (Millwood) they really know how to cook fish. It may be the quality of fish they start with but either way their fish is always good. I was able to buy hanging baskets of flowers and a really pretty potted plant to take care of my Mother's Day obligations.

We are headed into the last week. Please continue to pray for us, all of us. Mom & I are going to ride up to Glenwood after Church for our Mother's Day lunch at the Glenwood Senior Citizens Center. It will be a nice outing.

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