Friday, November 23, 2007

Visited Sevier County Senior Citizens Center in DeQueen

This morning I was happy to visit with the ladies and men at the Senior Citizens Center in DeQueen. I would estimate there were about 30 or maybe a few more gathered there this morning. There was a couple of tables playing Dominos and a good SkipBo game going at another table. It seemed as if everyone was enjoying the company of others.
Today they were serving chicken and dressing for lunch. I did not get to stay for lunch but they did give me a homemade roll and a piece of chicken for the road, really good food. The Senior Citizen centers across the state do a really good job of improving the quality of life for those they serve.
The Centers are almost always underfunded. They do a really good job of making our tax dollars go as far as possible so that they can serve as many people as possible. One of the problems that has hurt them recently is that when the Minimum Wage was increased a lot of the Center employees received raises and the Centers did not receive additional funding to pay for the increased payroll. In the future we must find more dollars in funding for the Centers and the senior population that they serve.

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